The Fabian society's explicit goal is to implement a single, global Marxist system of governance. It now has 141 sitting MPs, including numerous cabinet members. This is a threat to the Nation.
chemtrails researcher and author Peter Kirby joins us to discuss the growing movement to ban chemtrails, from the legislation that's been popping up in various states to criminalize geoengineering to the rising citizen-led initiative to Save Our Skies. We talk about this movement, what it says about growing public awareness of the issue, and what we can all do to help spread information about this important topic.
Liz Gunn speaks with journalist James Roguski about the World Health Organizations' Pandemic Treaty arrangements being made for all nations of the world, as well as discussing the inherent problems with our Pharmacological medical system. James Roguski Links: - Contrary to what you may have heard, the "Pandemic Treaty" was NOT defeated. Negotiations are scheduled to resume on July 16-17, with the goal of signing the treaty before the end of 2024: - - COMPLETE DETAILS: - - - - - James Roguski Phone Number: (001) 310 619 3055 - Book: Your Doctor Is A Liar! by James Roguski: - James Roguski - Baby Will Article: WHAT ARE GLOBAL PUBLIC GOODS? (IMF): The Dark Truth of America's Federation Of State Medical Boards (FSMB):
Think about the example of flat earth. If you dig from north to south an globe. You will be upside down. Brillient unless missed something
Programs on TV from the 70s. Rainbow
Try it. Copy paste into TOR and then Refresh with F5 to make if not fist time happen
Good info. His output area
Good explanation of the the power structure
CO2 is released into commercial greenhouses. Look next time at the big tanks outside. We are at 300 parts per million and greehouses get 1500
Good docu on the phrase
The only MP that speaks truth. The rest are a waste of time
A Very Political Foundation Daniel Sachs, Apolitical and the sheer, breathtaking audacity of globalist actions to subvert European societies and destroy the Nation state.
Update on Facts
Mark Steele explains weapons being deployed
Yippee. Now the real fun begins
I want. hahaaha. Above phone are to be checked out Still the the mobiles are micrwave radiation. The laptops Yes, the next
More from the shitfuccery crew
Have a laugh. Juice media produce many short vids and are poinient although might not exicite every time. Try this one aswell
Short history of moves
Listen to the guy that is real
Good to have people that are checking out the players
Keeping up with what is going on
Keeping up with the truth of nanotech
We are slowly getting our own information and putting it out and there is a lot to do. Jab history shows the money over reality, although now, it is a device of replecation deployed already and dificult to stop unless we pull the plug. EMF eg EMP that trashes all electronics this tech relies on
Have a laugh
Ahh ha. We were aware day one and four years later
This is a growing of those that took part in the decemination of now known to to be a genocide deployment jab
Look at his other substack releases aswell
Ana ongoing on the spiders industructable web
Good discussion on the MHRA
Good dissussion opening up the IHR WHO pandemic treaty to make it clear
Greg Reese is expert at short anyone can comprehend vids on subjects needed to be known by all. This one is on nanotech
Wanna know really
Interesting listening at the National Citizens Inquiry Canada
Love the taking bak control of destiny. Something positive again
More that is hidden
Turbo cancer is a real thing after the COVID shots. Two independent studies found the same thing. The second one mentioned was published in a peer-reviewed journal, but the authors were pressured by their institution to request that the paper be retracted. Why? Because a vaccine that increases cancer looks bad for health authorities. - Steve Kirsch
James being very clear and amusing on the IHR Pandemic Treaty business deal
Pay attention to the end game
Always something new. Stones being up turned
Another succinct vid from Greg Reese
What better thing to do on a Saturday evening
This is good listening. Skip forward as the beginining has tech sound problems Paitience
The programmed (had people) is like dealing with a thick gloop that enslaves the mind of the resilient ignorant. Rather than a free aware person that can debate and have a laugh
This what all can do. Ask questions. Answering may cause relisation
From 10 to 15 years ago. Lots of links in the desrciption
Anyone want to know stuff and support Jon Johnson. He has been doing reseach for years
Remember the 4 African and one south Amarecan heads of state had a sudden death and the only link is they would not folllow the covid psyop. Mafia is what comes to mind
Brilliant clarity from James
Mark Steele explains. Good that he is on substack
I urge people to consider that NOBODY has a cure for uncontrolled self replication of nanotechnology, not even the experts who developed this. I personally think we need an EMP that knocks out our Grid and their pulsed microwave and 5 G weapons.
Maria, another reasearcher with her info on the growths in blood with 3D microscopy
Shiva explains more without wasting words
WHO is WHO and better information
If there is anything to be stressed in the importance of this paper, it is that the primary polymer from the Cross Domain Bacteria (CDB) (nomenclature, 2014) gets bigger, stronger, and better at clotting and transforming the blood with the passage of time. This, therefore, reiterates the fact that efforts to resolve the damage to human health are on on the losing end if they are dealt with after the fact, i.e., after the formation of the polymer itself.
Lots of info on the Zionists
Shiva speaks in a way with knowlwdge, not afraid, no dogma, USA based, although is for all
The western media is pretending the West's efforts to secure a ceasefire are serious. But a different script has clearly been written in advance
We are basically causing these effects. Nowadays, 80% of the deviations from traditional norms can be ascribed to vaccination. Clinical evidence (25 years/5,000 kids) aligns with the survey.
This is more numty than a teddy bears meeting on ants. Warning, painful to listen to what ever they are attempting. More like a Monty Python sketch
May have use TOR Browser for this
Interview with fellow researcher
A view of Ai and what is going on
Jil Stein putting her self on the line of the Student happenings in the USA
2024 Update Reviews the Data on Ever Increasing Routine Vaccine Schedule and Health Outcomes
Now is NOT the time to claim victory over the WHO. Now is the time to work harder than ever to expose the truth about the WHO and put an end to the their fraudulent negotiations. James Roguski enlightens
Nearly the only MP speaking up in the UK. Andrew Bridgen, Independent British Member of Parliament for North West Leicestershire speaks to a Resistance GB journalist after his monumental speech (in the vid) in the House of Commons (18/04/24).
Offer to speak up on the WHO International Health Regulations
Scroll down and see the video
World Economic Forum, UN, WHO will not like this
The Disease of Big Pharma at the Vets
Start local trading. Make a Private members Association and dis engage from all current gov. No contract
Childrens Health Defense has been going years. This is the latest. Make of it, what you want. Sort of like a window to fear and truth
Listen to the lengths that some people do that put themselves on the line of foul attack
Ana Mihalcea interviewing Mark Steele. A complete picture as to where we are at in the movie
Lee Camp has a unique way, and amusing,way, to report on the bonkers that shows up screwing with
More undeniably obvious nanotechnology processes obsessed in HD. Karl C reporting from the microsope
Please realize that old information is just as dangerous as mis-information, dis-information and mal-information. James gives Info/links to getting the facts
Starts at 11 mins. Good interview. Consolidates what has been discovered so far
Reiner Fuëllmich, Greg Reese report on the document leak

Professor Ian Duncan

Quick post with ons email address: A month ago, 7 MPs requested additional data analysis from the UK ONS. Essentially, they asked for an existing report to be run with different parameters. The head of the ONS ignored the request.. Email ONS Professor Sir Ian Diamond
Steve Kirsch reports. Nobody should be vaccinated. Ever. Especially not during pregnancy. And vaccines are also the #1 cause of sexual orientation issues. The numbers are consistent with other published studies.
James Roguski explaining the sneaky addition to WHO IHR
Greg Reese talking Out there topics with Todd Speed om to interview
Tom Cowen enjoying himself explaining what he knows
Ardis explains red light
James Roguski reporting on the twisty WHO. Use "read aload" add on app in mozilla browser, so you can listen and stop burning your eyes reading
MMM. and Is that real get access to all UK peoples private data. The plan is plain to see
Then there was life?
Intelligence or good robots. Curious?
David Martin repeats and extra
Misconduct in Public Office, Misfeasance in Public Office, Gross Negligent Manslaughter, Corporate Manslaughter and Fraud by False Representation. Allegations made against Sir Graham Brady MP, Dame June Raine, The MHRA, Pfizer and the U.K Government. Evidence handed to Constable Thomas, & a video of him issuing the crime number for the documented offences and naming the alleged offenders.
Good talk of history and present in Justice arena of trials happening now
Simplicity with complicity. Sue the instigators and colaborators. We are finding solutions like EDTA
Made up or not
Check yours. Have you started repeating yourself extra pronoucned and slowly on more occaisions
Joe Samsone, Karen Kingston, talk of the legal action in process, courtesy of James Roguski
Real presrving. Practiclal info. Clean the top of the jar with Stainless steel or all of it and then bake 30mins 180c
They want the UK ONS is to produce a detailed time-series cohort analysis like they should have done 3 years ago. The request was validated by UK Professors Norman Fenton and Carl Heneghan.
Dr. Ana Mihalcea returns to SGT Report with ground breaking research which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the mRNA bioweapons combined with 5G is military grade technology designed to track and trace every human being on earth, or kill us entirely. The good news is, we have ways to get it OUT!!
WHO's going to be first to fall? WHO is. Thats WHO. Why? Because their vaccine pre qualification program allowed the toxic experiments on genome to be on the global market and advised nations buy it
This paper breaks down the horrors of the jabs. Abstract and also full doc PDF download. Free. Download and share
David Martin, Maria Hubmer-Mogg, Meryl Nass and Philipp Kruse presented information about the World Health Organization at the Fifth International COVID/Crisis Summit.
Too much for for a lot of people
Reporting on the manipulation
James Roguski Talks with Andrew Bridgen on UK Govt. corruption. 17th Feb 24. 23mins
Another V Good short Vid from Greg Reese
Interesting series republished on Brighteon University. Many good speakers and many hrs on a circular daily release
In this episode, Ana Mihalcea speak with Justin Coy, PhD and his findings of an orange fluorescence on the faces of C19 vaccinated individuals under UV light. Dr Coy has a PhD in systems engineering and is a former DOD contractor.
Interview with Noor Bin Ladin, the niece of Osama bin Laden
Tucker Calson Inteveiws Vladimir Putin 2Hrs
It’s always bothered Steve that Canadian truckers had their bank accounts frozen by the Canadian government. That’s not right.
This can be bought on with other talks
Ra Contact. Listen to this, the original version. Audiobook is also available read at a faster rate than original recordings
Interesting talk with Michael O’Bernicia
WHO About To Give Webinar Insisting Covid "New Variants" Are Back! "EPI-WIN webinar: WHO update on COVID-19" Feb 1, 2024 Register Now to "Scare The Pants Off You". Funds Are Down & Fearmongering Is Up
Practical test Starts with a mega phone loud hailer
Live webclass in your home Thursday, February 1st – 9pm GMT (UK)– 4pm Eastern – 1pm Pacific. Register at the link above with Name, Email
Changes day by day. Wealth of info Started 20th Jan 24. Every day new circular run of about 2hrs Dr Edward Group Today. Very good
More to above
Have a laugh
Ass upside down language spells and all trucks on to Victory. Recompense ? A lot more to go. This war is for the tenacious. Maximum Love light to all
Interesting dialouge like a system not interested at all
12 hrs plus Documentary on what maybe really happened
Also discusses financial situation. Banks collapsing, Digital currency etc
Lots of info on Chlorine Dioxide

Info on using Chlorine Dioxide

It is playing out and is called agenda 21 -30. You can do something today if not already. Bioweapons are real
Well worth a listen. Also tells about docu series coming up on the 20th Jan 23
Dane Wiggington continues investigating weather mondification
This whole series is packed with info. Check out the others on the Bitchute channel
Frequency research talk from 2013 or before
There is a more indepth docu available
Dutch Sinse is someone who knows and shows
The Symposium: Medical Sovereignty: The Solution To Exit The UN & WHO Starts Today 11:45AM Eastern Until 3PM
App "How Bad Is My Batch?" Allows People To Input Batch Code And See How Many Deaths, Disabilities and Illnesses Associated With That Batch "1 in 200 Lots Contain Deadly Ingredients"
X11 8 3 X 3G ??
A three hour debate about the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations is scheduled to occur in Westminster Hall on Monday, December 18, 2023. 16:30 GMT

I am VERY concerned that the people involved in this debate are going to avoid the 12 most important FACTS:

1 The FACT that the UK government was one of the nations that illegitimately submitted amendments to the 75th World Health Assembly on May 24, 2022, in violation of Article 55 of the International Health Regulations which require 4 months advance notice. DETAILS

2 The FACT the the WHO has fraudulently presented the 2022 amendments as having been voted upon on May 28, 2022, when no such vote ever happened. DETAILS THEY LITERALLY LIED ABOUT THE VOTE

3 The FACT that the request put forth in the UK Parliament petition was designed to trigger a debate BEFORE the December 1, 2023 deadline to reject the 2022 amendments to the International Health Regulations, but this debate is obviously happening after that deadline has passed. DETAILS

4 The FACT that the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office absolutely failed in its duty to submit the 2022 amendments to the UK Parliament for a 21 day review, and their potential rejection, as required by UK law. DETAILS

5 The FACT that the Working Group for amendments to the International Health Regulations is openly conspiring to violate Article 55 of the International Health Regulations by failing to submit a final package of targeted amendments to the WHO at least 4 months in advance of the 77th World Health Assembly (before January 27, 2024). DETAILS

6 The FACT that the Working Group for amendments to the International Health Regulations are overstepping their authority under Article 21 of the WHO Constitution. DETAILS

7 The FACT that the WHO is already building and planning to implement the Global Digital Health Certification Network even though the negotiations to amend the International Health Regulations to include such an expansion of control have not yet come to an official agreement. DETAILS

8 The FACT that there has been no official opportunity whatsoever for the public to submit comments to either the WHO or the UK Government regarding the 2022 amendments or the proposed 2024 amendments to the International Health Regulations.

9 The FACT that approval by the UK Parliament is NOT NEEDED AND NEITHER THE APPROVAL NOR THE CONSENT OF PARLIAMENT WILL BE SOUGHT in order for the amendments to be accepted by the executive branch of the UK Government. No such approval was sough or given for the 1969 International Health Regulations, the 2005 amendments or the 2022 amendments.

10 The FACT that the negotiations have been conducted in secret for over one year and the latest version of the proposed amendments has not been made available to any Member of Parliament (or any legislator anywhere on earth).

11 The FACT that Parliamentary petitions to discuss the 2022 amendments were signed by thousands of people in Australia (55,697), Canada (18,973) and New Zealand (26,120) and were completely ignored by their governments and NOT A SINGLE LEGISLATIVE BODY ON EARTH EVER DISCUSSED OR VOTED TO APPROVE THE FRAUDULENTLY ADOPTED 2022 AMENDMENTS.

12 The FACT that for 76+ years, the World Health Assembly has failed to EVER adopt regulations for any of the issues in Article 21, sections b, c, d, and e listed below. Their complete and total failure to set standards in the past, and their complete and total failure to even consider any amendments regarding these issues during the current negotiations is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE.



(b) nomenclatures with respect to diseases, causes of death and public health practices;

(c) standards with respect to diagnostic procedures for international use;

(d) standards with respect to the safety, purity and potency of biological, pharmaceutical and similar products moving in international commerce;

(e) advertising and labelling of biological, pharmaceutical and similar products moving in international commerce.

Interesting found. Horrible sound and some weird extra sounds. Just saying
David Martins input. Shit sound again. Get an equaliser haha Hope fully some sound engineer will do a doctor of this sound
Very Succint fro Dr Mike Yeadon
People power. Take a look. This is his web site
Start implementing this in your world. It is free. Check out Mike Adams with this one
Current update from Andrew Bidgen 1-2 Dec 2023
Tells all to the ciminality of the covid jab scam
More to know. On clouthub. Needs sign up. Pain haha
whistle blower the overwhelming consensus on the climate change crisis is manufactured
JFK interview reveling lots that maybe not heard before. Do you believe him
Very interesting. It was, and his sever service disconnected him. No one is surprised. He has a back up. Check it out.
wife Inka Fuellmich. She recounts the day of Reiner's arrest and her experience. and Slovakian President saying NO the WHO s IHR
New Zealand Analyst Whistle Blows Jab deaths into fact. Painful vid, but the info is good
Just one of the sources
WHO treaties. Rob Roos of the Netherlands and eleven other parliamentarians wrote the WHO DG Tedros to demand he show proof of the majority vote for IHR Amendments
Speak up and do not comply. Embrace your power
Interest of Justice watching the theatre
All angles as always to make something happen. UK only petition at 62,629 as of 22nd Nov 23

Use whole or edited below and send to WHO. or contact form at

World Health Organization
Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus
Avenue Appia 20
1211 Geneva


Notice to agent is notice to principal. Notice to principal is notice to agent.


Dear Director-General Ghebreyesus,


This letter is to inform you of my rejection of the amendments to the International Health Regulations that were adopted by the 75th World Health Assembly on May 27, 2022. Articles 59 and 61 of the International Health Regulations clearly specify that amendments may be rejected within 18 months of formal notification of their adoption.


I hereby REJECT these amendments and challenge the legitimacy of their purported adoption due to the fact that they were submitted in violation of Article 55 of the International Health Regulations.


These amendments were first submitted to the World Health Assembly on May 24, 2022 by Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia, the European Union and its Member States, Japan, Monaco, the Republic of Korea, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the United States of America.


The submission of these proposed amendments during the 75th World Health Assembly was in clear violation of Article 55, Section 2 of the International Health Regulations which states:

“The text of any proposed amendment shall be communicated to all States Parties by the Director-General at least four months before the Health Assembly at which it is proposed for consideration.”


The International Health Regulations:


The version of the amendments to the IHR that were adopted on May 27, 2022:


Video recording of the amendments being adopted:


The amended Articles to the IHR:


The amendments were illegitimately submitted and must be treated by all states parties as being null and void.




UK resident

Don't forget to do something. Use the text above and personalise it. Go to
Buckle up and keep going. More on Costa Rica Court Case & Synthetic Biology in the form of clots
Not many hours left at 19:00 hrs GMT
From the below extracted. Wormwood. Artemisia Annura Sweet Wormwood is a anti parasite
Short window to see Ardis explain alot to avoid venoms
Good to know a wider picture
Run up discussion to the 9th Nov 2023 hearing
Dr Shiva Part 2
Dr Shiva explains Zionism with Mike Adams Part one
more info as always from brighteon university
Steve Kirsch's Newsletter
Wow news. Wonder what is next
28 Oct 23 Latest 10 Day Health Freedom Summit 2023
MISO inf Actually this is sales at the center. Miso is best fresh unpasturised. Freeze drying is good for preserving for sure, but not the same vitality
Catch up. You can smell it in the water Related to link below
Steam rollering ahead with leagl action
ANA Mi al chel sa on Shedding is no joke. Dr. Ana Mihalcea Enlightens IoJ To The Realities Of Shedding Self Assembling Nano Technology.
Latest from James Roguski. He requests sending letter to.......Has PDF example
There are excellent articles that inspire further investigation
ANA is a pure info deseminator. Gotta know the energy of
The link to Ronald Bernard who knows from the inside
Awakening channel does research for us. Hamas is a creation and funded by Isreal. Wars have always been funnded both sides by the same controllers
The Expose 17th Oct 23 report
eBook - Use a read aloud addon to browser if wanted
He is being targeted. This is an Interview that speaks his truth
Inpower Vid from 2017 mentioned in 5G Summit below
Check in to hear many speakers. It is free. This is beyond frequenciy towers and many angles may not heard befores
Shiva Explains Now the structure of control and more
More on the control freaks Roth chids imuni latti coffee. First league of Nations. UN WEF WHO
James Roguski informs more on the IHR pandemic treaty Video
Much info that maybe new from many speakers
Lots of history of present day scullduggary happening now.
National ARM is submitting an 83 page Grand Jury petition containing evidence of C19 ‘vaccine’ crimes to the California Governor and the state Attorney General. National ARM’s Grand Jury Petition States that C19 shots should be, “Banned Immediately and Criminal Investigations Should Begin”
James Roguski Reminds us to voice your objection to the International Health Regulations
Plain as day it is a corporate Gov that rules for profit and control. Science as being delivered is corrupt beyond
This docu describes what is known by these people so far. Good to check out more like Jet engine manufactures say they are so efficient they produce minimal to no condensation trail



Serious Do it NOW. Download copy print distribute

Chris Coverdale informs me that it is illegal to pay taxes. He calls for a tax rebellion to stop war, killing and genocide
Shit sound Interview with Ana Mihalcea
Start learning to use this
Do your own rsearcrh as always
Brillient. I was waiting for this as no one gets it
A little tune of truth. Monkey face, no idea. Good words
Looks like an answer to the incineration. There are no borders for the controllers

You could print and distribute this below. It is clear when opened with a right click view or save. It includes a contact link for UN so you can send a message, maybe the peoples declaration. Just saves some time figuring it out. Only have a few days before the UN WHO  wrap up the program and continue with agenda 21-30 of fake pandemics (bioweapons) and Global boiling (their words) fraud,

This is a jpeg image of an A4 flyer.



Make sure the UN hear from you as silence is consent in their agenda
Two things Quantum wellness and
Dr. Shiva UNLEASHES on the whole charade. Dr Shiva has been on the button and strong for a number of years. He and his signifacant other are on it like no other. Listen carefully as he knows what most know by gut feeling and he has the details first hand
Know where it is at, with the people that play the game
He used a Green Diode Laser with 4D Sacred Geometry Audio Frequency programed into it, so it’s sacred geometry shapes in sequential time and space
Positive dissussion of ways forward. Panel of 5 inc. Ana Mihalcea
Global Warming by a person that knows
The site to look at fires on Earth realtime plus many other views Also mentioned
Maui Lots of reports from real people on the ground
If you have a bodily problem. Good info Interview with Will Spencer starts 1hr:18mins His web site
As Mike Yeadon recomended watch
Many good speakers. Wizz on to 15min 30 for first for John O'loony, Mike Yeadon.......
C Anderson EU parliament says, do not comply with Govt. Do it if not already as people have been murdered in Hawaii. No Doubt, from reports from people on the ground of the day
Private Members Association News from USA
If you are nodding off. Then this might wake you
Love this, as a simple. This is the women on a plane before takeoff, who freaked out about a person and she could not stay
Here is an easy to comprehend plus others made by awakening channel
Battlescape Brain: Engaging Neuroscience in Defense Operations - Review Of Dr. James Giordano's lectures
Ana Mihalcea joins Maria Zeee to talk about frequencies
Ana Mihalcea latest has some good Info of Dark field and NASA Docs
Dr Ardis talks of this operation in the UK
Quick vid Showing the extent of attack on us
David Martin explains what he knows and is doing with it, only
Latest From Ana Mihalcea 02 Aug 23
9Hrs to go for free @ 22:20 GMT 01 Aug 23. Oops I did not pass this series on sooner
Just in case you did not know all is available on Just search ICS and then select other pages
Just to punch it home
/a-bioweapon-to-depopulate-who-whistleblower You might wanna see The People's Voice: 11,000+ Posts Have Been Published In 2022:
What is next, although i was warned years ago
Last push to get the assholes to debate the IHR of the WHO take over bid. This the system we are in. USE IT as we need to educate them. Not ignore as much as would like to. Come on people. Are we now, all nanotech shut down
Wanna get to hear people who are on the button
Lots of good stuff here
Just to remind of the power of genicidal people calling the shots
Unknown History of Disease, the Spanish Flu and Frequency, Germ Theory w/ Dr. Lee Merritt (1of2) 2 of 2 is easy to find. The chat she mentions with Clif High
Reiner Feullmich Talks 5G Frequency Towers
David Martin is one of the major Gems in this time of need to know now. This is the Whole video version
Keep up with Ana as she moves fast
The Secret of Life - Georges Lakhovsky - 1939
I AM STARTING A NEW FREEDOM MOVEMENT: Humanity United - For The Preservation Of The Human Species. Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD
Clip of Dr Edward Group interview about Urotheapy
This is a site dedicated to urine drinking. Enjoy. Plants like it too, so don't waste it
DR REINER FUELLMICH spells out the knowlwdge so far and the game plan
This is short lived availablity as the producers make it this way
Transhumanism THREATENS Humanity: mRNA Bioweapon Merges Human Biology With Digital Technology
WHO break down with James Roguski
Dr. Ana Mihalcea explains more in a very good inteview
Fabulous David Martin talking the clear truth
Sexton re opens case
This is what real people are doing Please do what he is saying
Final Days New End May 23. Towards the end Karen Kingston explains the Bioweapon released on us
Karen Kingston lays out how to Destroy Phizer in court
James Roguski explains the vacination certificates proposed
Good history of what is happening now
Hydrogel and Graphene Oxide Used For Neuron Stimulation ( AKA Mind Control) Via Injection Or Inhalation
It gets better to know with Ana and Karen
Ana Mihalca reveals the synthetic biology in everything
David Martin knows all
Good News. May the games begin
James Rogustki 6mins of What the WHO really want 28 May 23
James Roguski shows all action that you can take part in a brilliant web site for Worlwide use for Abolish the WHO
Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi's Warning to the World. Original link
Dubed in English. Useful
All vaccines are unsafe - Greg Glaser interviewed by Viviane Fischer and Wolfgang Wodarg
This Man is now free
Research on vials from New Zeland. Very clear photos etc
Packed with info on injectables & EMF research with live micropopy 2 hrs Spanish, Subtitled. Well worth the time
4 Corporates own all media
Anthony Fauci and the Public Health Establishment | Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
How she got going spreading truth
No 4 13th April 23 Crimes of COVID-1984 Podcast Ebola Was A Dummy-Run For COVID-19
No 3 9th April 23 Crimes of COVID-1984 Podcast Gates Money, Whitty’s Power & Influence
Dr Reiner Fuellmich. Attacks on the faces of the resistance are increasing fast
Ana Mi Hi Chela speaks more on bioweapon and all
Ana Mihalcea talking more on Animal food contamination and synthetic bio structures
Abundant Plants. Time to get into the routine of inclustion. What is in the soup?
Dr. Ana Mihalcea breaks down bioweapon nanotechnology - transhumanist evils being conducted in the name of medicine. Could we be seeing the extinction of the human species? The separation of spirit and matter?
No 2 26th March 23 Crimes of COVID-1984 Podcast Motive Opportunity & Gates Connections
No 1 17th March 23 Crimes of COVID-1984 Podcast The Case Against Hancock et al
Good disscusion of out of the box
Karen kingston speaking about Russian knowledge of the bioweapon and more
Good article on Fermented Foods
Dr. TomCowan: Dr. Andrew Kaufman and Dr. Tom Cowan discuss snake venom with Dr. Bryan Ardis
Very good update on what is happening in our blood
Action of the deceptors accurate vids
Alernaitive 5 Hours of good stuff
5 Hr plus Never again is Now Global
Surviver of the genocide enlightens of now repeating
Explaining Hydrogel and blood cloting
EMF and All Will need to sign up
MORE LINKS BELOW this sucinct Geo Engineering explanation
 How your weather is manufactured..
This is how they manipulate the world's weather.
These technologies work to augment at lower altitudes, unlike haarp (ionospheric heaters)
How nextrad radar facilities work to turn natural weather systems and storms into biblical floods, hail storms and blizzards.
The constant rotational frequency of Doppler and nextrad radar works by stripping electrons from the air, very much like plasma which is the fourth state of matter in physics when the electrons are stripped from the nucleus of a gas atom it will then form plasma which then rises the temperature of that particular gas, or in this case the particular weather system to a very high degree therefore, artificially producing a weather system. 
The same physics occurs in the atmosphere when Doppler and Nextrad radar strip the electrons from the air accelerating cloud condensation therefore releasing latent heat which in turn forces water vapour into the higher stratosphere and troposphere where it is then locked up by Chemical Aerosol Hypernucleation (CNN). 
By ionising the atmosphere it has the effect of reducing the amount of oxygen molecules in the air therefore lowering atmospheric pressure not only in the atmosphere but in the lungs and making it very difficult for certain people with respiratory problems to breathe, this will also cause the heart to be put into distress.. if the air/oxygen molecules are
electromagnetically charged through the ionization process, it will cause heart palpitations.
CNN results in the formation of massive cirrus cloud concentrations at that altitude to block out the photonic light from the sun also have any effect of diminishing your vitamin d3 for your immune systems which strangely enough we all see everyday wherever we are in the world, strange that isn't it.   
These cloud formations are then bombarded by Doppler radar which then trap heat and set up a massive warming feedback system, this warming feedback system also heats the Earth at night because that heat cannot escape, therefore accelerating global warming deliberately!
This mechanism was devised by Dr Jasper Kirby if I recall correctly back in 2009 and was presented as a weather modification technology at CERN the large hadron collider in Geneva Switzerland.
There is some evidence to suggest that the high altitude active auroral research programmes worldwide, ie (the ionospheric heaters) are starting to implement these technologies to their current systems to disrupt the weather patterns even further! to manipulate our weather systems on a much larger scale "worldwide" 
The implementation of these technologies leads to an enhanced formation of polar stratospheric cloud formations which will then heat the arctic in conjunction with seeding it with aerosol dumps to melt the icecaps and subsequently rise sea levels significantly which could cause massive devastation to all low lying cities worldwide.
Frequency activated nucleating chemtrails, these are activated by Nextrad and Doppler radar facilities, they have the effect to move cold air masses further south to initiate blizzards and catostophic hail storms that destroy farmers crops and cause massive disruption to our society.
We recently saw a huge snow storm in Africa (natural) (no) there is a large HAARP and Nextrad/Doppler facility in South Africa! 
This facility was responsible for that event.
These Doppler and Nextrad facilities also affect the (Ridiculously Resilient Ridge) (RRR) this is the persistent region of atmospheric high pressure that occurs over the northeasten Pacific ocean and nextrad causes a disruption in the weather patterns in this area.
The Ridiculous Resilient Ridge in the West is caused by (Warming Weather Modification) by low-frequency radio waves from ionospheric heater facilities I e the High frequency active auroral research programmes, the result is a weakening of the clockwise rotation of the High Pressure Systems moving North and increases the strength of the Jet stream winds.
(The Terribly Tenatious Trough)
The Terribly Tenatious Trough in the east is caused by cooling weather modification by both Nextrad , Doppler and HAARP facilities " HAARP ALASKA" resulting in a weakening of the counter clockwise rotation of (Low Pressure Systems) moving in a southerly direction and therefore affecting the jet stream again! (do you see the pattern yet) 
The air masses encroach further North and South respectively causing massive disruption to our weather systems and our daily lives.
If they continue to utilise these unbelievably irresponsible programs there will come a time where the earth's weather systems will be completely out of control.
I personally know an individual who works at HAARP Alaska who I am in constant contact with, he ex American special forces.
Pete Fairest.
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